webCRM Dashboards

Plecto integrates with webCRM

Develop and display real-time dashboards that integrate with webCRM to stream and visualize sales activities and performance data.

Connect Plecto with webCRM

Integrate your Plecto and webCRM accounts in less than 30 seconds. Import all the data or only selected key metrics.

Log your activity in webCRM

Plecto will automatically synchronise with webCRM - updating performance dashboards with the latest sales data.

Display data on a dashboard

Import your key metrics into Plecto, represent your data with custom formulas and visualize with over a dozen dashboard widgets.

Recognize sales "wins"

While using Plecto, you are instantly notified of new webCRM opportunities, closed deals or incoming calls. You control what constitutes an accomplishment and how you celebrate it. Plecto provides variety of options: Play a custom sound, display the closer's headshot, write a custom message or do all of the above.

Emphasizing successful salespeople in this way creates a more collaborative and motivated work environment, while keeping reps accountable for continuing to deliver. Show your team they're appreciated, and they'll contribute more.

Connect webCRM together with Plecto

Integrate Plecto with webCRM now and see how it can boost your sales, just by visualizing your business performance. No credit card needed and no strings attached.