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Pipedrive Dashboards from Plecto

Build custom Pipedrive dashboards and start visualizing your sales performance data in real-time with our Pipedrive dashboard integration. The people behind Pipedrive CRM use Plecto themselves to visualize KPIs.

Connect Plecto with our Pipedrive integration

Automatically import all your sales data to Plecto with our Pipedrive dashboard integration 

Register your sales in Pipedrive

Simply continue using Pipedrive as you always have and Plecto will update your performance dashboards in real-time.

Visualize sales KPIs with Pipedrive dashboards

Design your custom dashboard to display the data relevant to your organization and display them on any screen.

Track your performance on Pipedrive dashboards

Integrate your Pipedrive CRM with Plecto and start customising how you want to visualize sales performance. Plecto displays your sales in real-time with our Pipedrive integration. Keep your team motivated and always updated with their newest performance data.

Try our Pipedrive dashboard integration for free

Customize Plecto dashboards to display your Pipedrive data in real-time. Try variety of Plecto widgets and engage your sales team achieve better results.