HeroBase Dashboards

HeroBase dashboards from Plecto

Build customizable dashboards that will visualize performance data from HeroBase integration in real time across any screen.

HeroBase dashboard integration

With our user-friendly integration, you can quickly and smoothly connect Plecto with HeroBase in a matter of a few seconds.

Log your activity in HeroBaseBase

Once connected, Plecto dashboards synchronises with HeroBase integration to process your data streaming.

Display data with HeroBase dashboards

Easily administrate, play and manipulate your data, whether you display it on TV screen, Computer or Mobile device.

Better align and focus your team

Working hours can be long and boring if you are just making and taking calls all day long. Increase efficiency and profitability, be even more flexible by saving your time, when you always know how you and your sales team are performing and even better - you don't need to track it yourself, Plecto dashboards will do it for you. 

To make it even more fun, Plecto dashboards are created to visualize and measure your business performance. Plecto will display you your results on performance dashboards, so from now on you can focus only on process that needs to be done. Graphical representation of data, various colourful widgets, sounds and videos, that will motivate and maximise your teams productivity.

Celebrate your success

Using Plecto, you can notify your sales team about recent activities in HeroBase integration dashboard. You are the one in charge of how you will communicate the message of a "win" situation. Plecto gives you several options to celebrate success in your office: by playing a custom sound, displaying hero's headshot, writing a customized message or doing all the above. Now, when a member increases sales, makes a certain number of calls or nabs a new lead, his hit will be displayed on Plecto dashboards to entire team.

By highlighting your salespeople success in this way, you will create a more engaging and collaborative work environment and keep your team accountable for continuing to deliver results. Show your team, that you appreciate their performance and they will perform even better. 

Integrate your HeroBase with Plecto

Discover how office dashboards can attract and motivate your salespeople to perform even better. Try Plecto dashboards now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.