Visualization of your Freshdesk data with Plecto

Use the integration between Plecto and Freshdesk and visualize your most important KPI’s from customer support and service in real-time. 


Connect your Plecto account with Freshdesk

Go to and add Freshdesk as a Data Source. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have an engaging overview of your performance. 


Log your activity in Freshdesk

You simply have to continue using Freshdesk as you have always done, and Plecto will automatically update your dashboards and reports to let you use your data to the fullest. 


Visualize data with your Freshdesk dashboards

Create formulas, set your customized dashboard with your choice of widgets, and create engagement and motivation with notifications, contests, and achievements. You control, what and how you want your data displayed.

Create happy customers with Plecto

With Freshdesk, you have powerful customer support software which allows you to streamline your conversations with customers making it easy to gather collaboration in one place. With Plecto, you give your team a complete overview of their performance in real-time. Allowing you to increase transparency and motivation and in the end, ensure high customer satisfaction. You can display Plecto on any screen or device in an open and engaging way.

Connect to our Freshdesk dashboard extension

Visualize your data from Freshdesk and display important performance metrics and KPIs with our Freshdesk integration. Try it for free.