e-conomic dashboards from Plecto

Plecto allows users to create and customize device-agnostic dashboards that pull and visualize EBITA data from e-conomic.

e-conomic dashboard integration

Quickly create an account, connect your e-conomic data with Plecto dashboards and get started without involving IT.

Log activity in e-conimic integration

Easily configure your e-conomic account and customize Plecto dashboards with our drag-and-drop editor.

Display data with Plecto dashboards

Display any KPI on your dashboards across mobile devices, computer monitors or TV screen in a matter of seconds.

How Plecto dashboards integrates with e-conomic?

Plecto allows e-conomic users to track and visualize EBITDA data in real-time via customizable office dashboards. Easily create and share performance dashboards with colleagues or investors, while displaying it on TV screen, computer monitor or even a mobile device. Buch automated notifications when an invoice or cost comes in. And, visualize just about any KPI with our drag-and-drop editor. With Plecto, you'll always be up-to-date on team activities.

Integrate your e-conomic with Plecto

Take Plecto for a spin and discover how office dashboards can do so much more than just visualizing your sales funnel. Try it now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.