Visualization of your Aircall data with Plecto

Use the integration between Plecto and the cloud call center software, Aircall, and showcase important KPI's such as the number of calls in line, ended calls and missed calls.


Connect your Plecto account with Aircall

Go to and add Aircall as a Data Source; this will allow you to visualize your performance with data from Aircall in an engaging and motivating way.


Log your activity in Aircall

Continue using Aircall as you have always done, and Plecto will automatically showcase your data in real-time.


Visualize data with your Aircall dashboards

Plecto is completely customizable, what you want to visualize and how you want to visualize it your choice. The KPI's most important for your company can be showcased in Reports and with different widgets on Dashboards.

Improve performance with Plecto

Aircall is a great cloud-based phone system for modern business, providing you with features to create better conversations. Visualizing business performance with Plecto allows you to create transparency throughout the company, building employee engagement, and motivation.

Connect to our Aircall integration

Visualize your data from Aircall and display important performance metrics and KPIs. Try it for free.