Dashboards designed for more

We have created a performance dashboard that does more than simply visualize your numbers. It's dashboard tool that motivates your employees with engaging features unique to Plecto.

Display real-time business performance on any screen

Build custom business dashboards to display any data on any screen. Visualize your performance in real-time across screens to keep track of your goals and results. 

It's easy to create your customized dashboard. Choose from a growing list of dashboard widgets and start building your dashboard using drag-and-drop. With Plecto, you control what, how and where your performance data is displayed.

Display data from multiple data sources

Mix and match data from multiple sources. Create detailed performance visualization by displaying dashboard widgets that sources and merges data from multiple systems, integrations or manual data registrations.


Add your data sources across integrations, spreadsheets, databases and manual registrations.


Mix and match your data in the form editor to create detailed dashboard visualizations across your sources.


Get a pure insight into all your business metrics and use it to support your decision-making.

Data visualization tools for your business

Get an unbeatable overview of your data. Track your real-time business performance and display KPIs on any screen or device by visualizing your performance data.

You can create an unlimited number of dashboards to track performance on every level of your organization.

Motivate teams with gamification in business 

Create an engaging work environment with gamification features like leaderboards and achievements. You can also launch friendly contests across teams or locations.

Connect your Sonos wireless speakers and Philips Hue lighting with Plecto to visualize recognitions even better.

Ready, set, integrate!

Source your data automatically with our dashboard integrations or by using Zapier or our API. You can also create dashboards from your Excel spreadsheet or a SQL database.

If you do not need an integration, then simply log data manually with simple registrations. It's easy to do from your laptop at the office or on the go with the Plecto dashboard app.

Easily add your data source

Integrate Plecto with your system, add your data manually, visualize your Excel spreadsheet, or connect your database to Plecto. These are some of the ways to start visualizing your performance.

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