Real Estate Dashboard

Plecto's Real Estate Dashboard solution is designed to help you monitor and improve your sales team's performance. Import the relevant data for each agent automatically into Plecto, and it will show in your dashboard in real-time. Select from our variety of widgets to display your data in the most engaging way!

Property Management Dashboards for Real Estate

Plecto's Property Management Dashboard is a ready-to-use software to manage and measure the performance of Real Estate Agencies. The dashboard visualizes the most relevant KPIs for your Real Estate business, and helps you manage and measure your transactions in real-time.

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Customisable Real Estate Dashboard

Choose from our 100+ predefined KPIs or calculate your own for your organization with our advanced editor. Plecto's KPI catalog contains a broad list of Real Estate KPIs to monitor on your Dashboard - Plecto updates it automatically in real-time to give you the best overview at all times.

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Automate your Real Estate Reports

Give your employees the best interactive dashboards for real estate agents!

Real Estate Report

Are you still using spreadsheets for your reports? Your Real Estate business deserves better! Create custom reports for each of your stakeholders, with direct access to real-time data from your CRM system. Select the data to include in each report, and get it sent to your inbox when you need it - and spend your time in what really matters.

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Easy Integration with Podio

Podio is one of the most popular CRM systems used by Real Estate businesses to track and simplify their daily

One of the most popular CRM tools for Real Estate agents is Podio, used by hundreds of realtors, brokers, and agents to streamline and simplify how they do business. That is why we at Plecto have build a powerful, fast, and live updating integration with Podio.

Integrate your Podio data with Plecto to visualize leads, clients, agent's performance, cost, etc.

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