Feb. 26, 2016 · News

Say Bye Bye to Long URLs on Your TV

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

Things are moving fast here at Plecto! We’re launching another Plecto update today. And we’re happy to tell you that the days of typing long URL’s on your TV remote are over! We cut your URL down so you only have to put in ‘tv.plecto.com’ on your TV.

Simply turn on your TV, go to ‘tv.plecto.com’ and go to ‘app.plecto.com/activate’ on your computer, put in the four digits and select the screen you want to show, and you’re ready. This even works if your TV and computer are on two different internet connections! – And by the way – we also added a notification-bar in the bottom of your screen, so you never miss one of those great notifications or achievements!

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