Dec. 12, 2014 · News

Plecto Receives Investment from Just-Eat Founder Jesper Buch

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

The entrepreneur behind the Just-Eat success, who recently had a successful IPO, invests in a new Danish app that wants to revolutionize the sales business.

This time it’s the Aarhus-based startup, Plecto, who’s goal is to assist sales managers worldwide and motivate their sales people by visualizing their results and making it even more fun to sell. “There is an obvious need to keep sales people motivated and think Plecto fills out an empty spot in the market” says Jesper Buch and continues “Furthemore, I think the founder is “KICK-ASS” – 2 important elements for me to invest in a business”. Plecto works by displaying sales results on a TV in the company office, where a “high-score” table appears. Every time a sales person closes a new deal, his name and image is shown on the TV dashboard along with the sound of a cash register.

Great start

Plecto founders have only been full time on the project since January but already got several large customers such as Eniro, Berlingske Media and has more than 1400 sales people using the sales visualization system every single day. “We just recently started an actual sales effort and we see an extremely large interest for these kind of products in the market” says Managing Director at Plecto Kristian Oellegaard. "Plecto primarely aims for medium to large businesses with many sales people and it works quite well for them" says Jesper Gottlieb, Head of Business Development at Eniro Denmark: “The systems real-time sales tracking combined with the integration of 3th party data streams like call time makes it an invaluable tool for our sales and management staff.”

Expansion plans

“Problems with focus and motivation in the sales business is in no way limited to Denmark and I believe we have the potential to grow very, very large” says Jesper Buch. Plecto already has clients in both Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Poland but hopes to expand to more countries before the end of December.