March 3, 2016 · News

Conditional Colors are the New Black

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

I know…You’ve had the conditional color text option for a while now, but have your tried it yet? If not – now’s the time! Especially now that we’ve added some new features.

With our new features, you can make your KPIs pop even more. In fact, now there’s three different ways of displaying conditional colors – either as colored text, speedometer or as a colored box. Check it out:

Customizable directly on your Dashboard

All of the conditional color options are available on the Dashboard now, so you don’t have to correct it in the formula any more.

Have you almost reached your goal?

Get your numbers yellow when you hit that 80% mark and boost those numbers until you hit green! Have you already reached your goal? Celebrate with a huge, green box and throw a notification on your Screen as well! Get the more techincal info here.

Time zones

We also added the time zone option for all of our international customers. Simply edit your clock widget and choose a time zone – now you’re ready to get the full overview worldwide.

More ways to customize your dashboard:
Custom Dashboard Themes and Leaderboard Widget