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With more than 40 pre-built integrations and our public API, Plecto allows you to gain a complete overview of your performance data across multiple systems and departments. Click the links below to see how others use Plecto.

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Real-time performance insights

Stay on top of your performance by visualizing your most important KPIs on real-time dashboards from Plecto.

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Instant employee recognition

Engage and motivate your employees by acknowledging individual and team successes as they happen. No more waiting for weekly or monthly reviews.

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Automated reports within minutes

Create reports with automatically updated numbers and export them to Excel and PowerPoint in just a few clicks. No more copy-pasting.

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Full customization capabilities

Customize your setup with advanced formulas and branded themes for dashboards that match your company's needs. Or simply use our pre-built widgets for an easy setup.


Unlimited data sources and dashboards

We're not a big fan of strict limitations, so why would we limit you? With Plecto you get unlimited dashboards and data sources for a fixed monthly price.

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