Technical Partners

A technical partnership is for software companies integrating with Plecto or companies wanting to create integrations between Plecto and another software company. Read this page to learn more about partnerships for technical partners.

Technical Partners

Along with our technical partners, we develop customized integrations to our dashboards, making various systems visible in Plecto. You just need to enter your data in your system and it will be updated to your Plecto dashboards in a matter of seconds. The list of software integrating with Plecto is long! Some of the current integrations with partner status include Salesforce, Intercom, Pipedrive, and Podio.



Plecto integrates with lots of systems to be able to visualize all your business data on your real-time dashboards. You can find all our integrations here.

New Program for Technical Partners 


We are currently working on establishing our official program for integration partners. In the meantime, if you are interested in integrating with Plecto and establishing a partnership contact our partnership responsible Karoline Lotz Jonassen at

Karoline Lotz Jonassen

Growth Manager

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