At Plecto we value our users more than anything. In order to meet existing and potential users' needs, we are always interested in building strong partnerships. 

Get Ready to Reach Your Full Potential!

Create Happy Clients

Who doesn't like to boost their performance and increase motivation? A Plecto Partnership helps you help your customers by providing a game-changing product!

Increase Your Revenue

Do you like revenue growth? The partnership programs are built to help you increase your earnings. 

Improve Your Business

What do you think about co-marketing and knowledge sharing? Our strategic partnerships improve business for all parts involved

Partnership Programs

Consulting Partners

Visualization of KPI's increase motivation and makes it easier to recognize employees and celebrate every win. Start earning generous rewards by letting your clients know how to reach their full potential!

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Technical Partners

Integrations are key for tech companies to succeed and we are always ready to form partnerships with other companies adding value to our mutual users.

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The Benefits of a Partnership with Plecto, According to Our Partners

"At Intercom, we're really happy to have Plecto in the Intercom App Store. Their app gives Intercom customers a great way to visualize the most important data about their users and use that data to help build better relationships and, ultimately, to grow faster via those relationships."
Jeff Gardner
Head of Platform Partnerships
"Our partnership with Plecto enables us to offer great additional and powerful dashboard functionality to our customer base and makes our product offering more valuable. Thank you Plecto!"
Sara Høeg
Principal Product Line Manager
"Plecto is a great product and our partnership makes it possible for us to offer a strong visualization tool to our customers, increasing satisfaction and improving business performance"
Martin Butler
Product Marketing Manager

Plecto, a Trusted SaaS Company

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