Choose your dashboard data source

Learn more about each of our data sources. Dive into every possible way of visualizing your data on any screen with Plecto. See the systems that our dashboards integrate with and discover easy ways to input data to your dashboards in Excel, with SQL, or our API, or by registering your data inside Plecto.


Create visual Excel dashboards with all the data from your spreadsheets. It is easy to create dashboards in Excel and keep them up-to-date with Plecto.


If you store your data on a SQL Server, then you can easily import it to Plecto to create visual SQL dashboards that can display your data in real-time.

Plecto API

With our REST-based API, you can connect virtually any system with Plecto. Visualize any data in any way you want on any screen. All in real-time through our API.

Manual data registration

You can keep your KPI dashboards updated with just a few clicks. By adding your performance data manually, you don't have to rely on any third-party system. You can even register data on the go with our dashboard app.

Merge your data sources for detailed dashboard visualization

You can display any data from any source and you can even merge that data across sources. This means you can create in-depth dashboard visualizations that display data from multiple systems or combine data from an integration with your manual registrations. 

It is possible to merge, mix and match your data across any source or integration. This way, you can display insightful KPIs that provide you with the exact information that you find valuable.

Visualize spreadsheet data with Excel dashboards

Create stunning Microsoft Excel dashboards that visualize your spreadsheet data in real-time. Update your Excel spreadsheet as usual and display your data live on any screen or device.

Build SQL database dashboard

Pull your data from a SQL database and build custom dashboards from your database. Connect Plecto with your SQL database directly and visualize your data in real-time on customized SQL dashboards.

Dashboard integration with Plecto API

You can easily integrate your own systems to Plecto by implementing our REST-based API. It is a set of functions that allows Plecto to access data from your current systems or services. Once the integration is made, you can start visualizing your data.

Manual data registration

Easy registration from any device

Every employee can easily add data to their own and their team's dashboard. Once you complete a registration, your dashboards will automatically update.

Register on the go with your dashboard app

With the Plecto app for Android and iOS, you can even register performance data on the go. It is user-friendly and gives you an opportunity to easily visualize your KPIs.

Merge your data from multiple sources

You can add an unlimited number of data sources. You can even merge data from multiple dashboard integrations, manual data entries and a number of other sources.

Build insightful dashboard widgets

With the Form Editor, you can build custom widgets that display valuable business metrics across your data sources and business systems.

Try visualizing your data for free

Add your data source and start visualizing your data. Try it for free with no strings attached.