Consulting Partners

Watch the video below, read the information and get ready to create happy clients by becoming a Plecto Consulting Partner!

Earn Generous Rewards by Recommending Plecto to Your Clients

If you want to earn generous rewards and create happy clients by recommending Plecto to your customers - this is the partnership for you! Read all the information about the program on this page.

In the video below, our Growth Manager will present our partnership program. 

Why Partner with Plecto?


Get rewarded with generous kick-backs

Happy clients

Create happy clients by recommending the best business dashboards


Grow your business by adding a valuable motivation tool to your portfolio


Get marketing material and exposure through our social channels to reach new clients

Who Can Become a Consulting Partner with Plecto?

A consulting partner is a company referring new customers to Plecto. We aim to create relations with strategic partners who bring value to all parts involved. You can become a Plecto partner if you represent a company wanting to bring more value to your clients by recommending visualization of data - breeding ground for motivation to reach ambitious goals.

What do I need to do to become a Partner?

To become a partner you have to be a Plecto user. If you are not already using Plecto, go to our pricing page to start your free trial. You simply start by requesting a partnership at the bottom of this page. Once your request has been accepted we will uncover the possibilities of a partnership. When we'we developed our partner contract you will receive your training material and you are ready to take your Plecto exam. Once you've passed your exam you are ready to earn generous rewards by recommending Plecto to your clients. The only thing you need to do is recommend Plecto and share your unique partner link with your client - we will take care of sales and customer support as well as updating you on the status of our partnership.


Request a partnership and together we will discover the possibilities of a partnership


After you've gotten to know the product you are fully prepared to pass the Plecto exam


Recommend Plecto, create happy clients and earn generous rewards

Ready to reach your full potential?

Get full insights into the Consulting Partner Program and get ready to reach your full potential!