NemTakeAway is an online order system specifically developed for takeaway businesses. They make it easy for customers to order takeaway online for pickup or delivery.

Offer food delivery with NemTakeAway

NemTakeAway makes it easy for you to offer delivery with your own driver. With the Driver-interface, your drivers will get an easy overview of all waiting deliveries from their phones. They can simply tap the screen to notify the customers that the order is on the way. NemTakeAway Driver integrates with e.g. Google and Apple Maps to offer quick navigation to the address.


Give your customers the option of self-service

With the scan of a QR-code your customers can order and pay with their own smartphone. The order is automatically printed in the kitchen, and with options as sms notifications and order screens, you can easily notify your customers when the food is ready. Save on staff time, avoid queues and upgrade your hygiene with self-service.


Same functionality across devices

NemTakeAway's platform offers the same functionality across all devices - computers, tablets and smartphones, with the system itself detecting and using appropriate layout for the ideal user experience. The system is styled to match your company’s colours, fonts and other design elements that make your business unique. Handle all online and phoned-in orders easily with NemTakeAway POS from any computer or tablet.

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