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Mkt4Sales is a sales consultancy focused on implementing Sales Machines in B2B companies in Portuguese speaking countries. Using new methodologies and technologies, Mkt4Sales helps companies leverage the demand generation process to improve sales conversion.

Sales process building

Mkt4Sales defines the commercial strategy, identifies the ideal customer profile, structures the sales funnels, creates the contents and cadences for commercial approach.

Based on the ABM, Inbound- and Outbound Marketing methodologies, they implement effective processes of qualified lead generation to continuously feed the sales funnel.

Technology selection and parameterization

Mkt4Sales helps in the selection and configure the best set of sales technologies to optimize the operation.

From CRM and marketing automation tools, to intelligence and demand generation solutions. Mkt4Sales are HubSpot and Pipedrive certified partners and have an extended knowledge of how to work with these systems.

Implementation of indicators and dashboards

The team guides the specialization of roles and prepares the sales team to execute the commercial process in high performance with hard and soft skills training.
Mkt4Sales gives visibility to the metrics and the sales process by implementing indicators and dashboards to monitor the goals and results.

If you want to improve the sales results of your company, visit their website below and get in touch with their specialists today.

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