Consulting Partners

Plecto's consulting program is tailored for consultants wanting to recommend Plecto for their clients.

All our consultants are certified in specific integrations and takes the responsibility to help their clients with their setup and configuration of data in Plecto.

If you are ready to include the best visualization tool in your daily services, make sure to sign up to the consulting program.

Consulting program application


Create Happy Clients

Which consultant agency doesn't like to boost their client's performance and increase their motivation? A Plecto Partnership allows you to help your customers by providing a game-changing product!

Increase Your Revenue

Do you like revenue growth? The partnership program is built to help you increase your earnings and to make sure you get a fair commercial revenue from your service.

Improve Your Business

What do you think about co-marketing and knowledge sharing? Our strategic partnerships improve business for all parts involved.

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Technical Partners

Plecto is always ready to create new and exciting native integrations and even though we are working on full speed to increase the number of technical partners, we might miss a few on our way.

If you are working for a software that would like to offer a new integration for mutual clients and be represented among Plecto's integrations, make sure to provide all the relevant information in the application and our partnership team will be in touch shortly.

Apply for the Technology Partnership