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Dansk Boligvurdering offers their clients advice and assistance throughout the process of buying and selling properties. They will match their clients with the best suitable Real Estate Agent who will make sure that the clients get thorough and professional guidance.

Get Agencies on top of their performance

Dansk Boligvurdering works closely with several Real Estate Agencies in Denmark. They not only make sure to pair them up with the correct client, but also make sure that the Real Estate Agencies are working with the most efficient and best-on-the-market tools. Dansk Boligvurdering knows what a difference Plecto makes for the agencies' revenue and they have therefore chosen to offer implementation of their own setup so Agencies can get on top of their own performance.

Their goal is for your Agency to succeed

When teaming up with Dansk Boligvurdering you will not only be a part of their portfolio for their clients, but you will also have a strong and close relationship to the Dansk Boligvurdering team. Their goal for your Agency is to succeed, whether it is through a better overview of your data or working with a specific tool. They will know what to implement in order to make your Real Estate Business even more successful.

Helps with implementation and change of behavior

If you need a proper overview of your company data, if you want to motivate your agents to reach their individual & team goals, and if you want to increase your revenue by making processes more efficient you should definitely get in touch with the Dansk Boligvurdering team.

Systems they specialise in