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Plecto: The Data Visualization Dashboard Solution for CEOs

Blog - The Data Visualization Dashboard Solution for CEOs - Plecto for CEOs

An agenda packed with meetings, decision-making, investors, management reports, budgets, interviews, events, team-building… That’s what a normal day looks like when you are running a company. 

On top of this, imagine adding endless pages of data to your day. How can one make it through the day?

In fact, a study carried out by the Stanford Graduate School of Business shows that 66% of CEOs admit to not have the information they need to succeed in their role

Taking into account that, according to Inc, an average Executive spends 51% of their time in meetings (of which one third are described as ‘useless’), how much time can you spend trying to make sense out of your data?

In Plecto, we take the monotonous and time-consuming tasks that involve data, and turn it into an easy-to-digeste and complete overview of the relevant numbers for a CEO. 

After all, our goal is to provide you with the best insights into your data so that you can take full control of your business - and say goodbye to that 66% group of misinformed CEOs!

These are the 4 aspects that make Plecto an efficient tool to run a business more efficiently:

1. Full control over your data: whenever, wherever!

Your to-do list is already full of important points to cover through the day, so we make data accessible to you and your team, as easy and fast as it can be. 

For that, Plecto is always (yes, ALWAYS) updating your data automatically in real-time so that, whenever you have the time, you get the most updated overview of your business performance. At just a glance. 

You no longer need to spend hours looking at different graphs and reports, because we do that for you! Simply choose the KPIs that are most relevant to your company, and the systems that you use across-departments - and we show them 24/7 on a nice-to-look-at dashboard. 

What’s more! You can be anywhere around the world and still have full access and control over your data. Decide who in your company should have access to your different dashboards, or create a dashboard just for yourself. 

How is it possible? You can access your dashboards from any device, wherever you are. Smartphone, laptop, tablet, smart TV, or even your Apple Watch; whatever you prefer to see your progress in real-time. 

And… we also have the cherry on top! Plecto App now supports real-time widgets for iOS 14, which means that you can have your data directly on your homescreen - and keep an eye on it whenever you need to. 

Blog - The Data Visualization Dashboard Solution for CEOs - New Widgets on iOS 14

Plecto imports the data you need automatically, to make it easy for you to grow your business!

2. Save time from creating reports, because Plecto makes them for you

We know that any CEO has meetings with very different stakeholders; sometimes it’s with the board, sometimes with the managers, often with a certain department, or even with a big deal from time to time. 

Why would you spend your time gathering and writing your numbers down in a report, when you can get them done in a matter of minutes?

In Plecto, you can easily select the KPIs you want to include in a report and the period of time to show. That’s it. You can now have them in your inbox with the frequency that you choose, or send them directly to your relevant stakeholders. 

There are no limits for reporting in Plecto, so you can create as many different reports as meetings you have - easily! Wonder how? Take a look at our step-by-step guide to create your first report!

Moreover, our reports include your historical data, which provides you with the most realistic overview of your progress over time with each specific KPI. And not only that, but Plecto also gives accurate forecasts of how your future performance will look, based on your past and current results. Automatically. 

Create the most data-driven environment for your meetings and decision-making without wasting your time on writing the reports. Instead, get the reports done when you need them and use your time to plan the next move for your business! 

3. Get notified instantly when your KPIs change

Apart from getting the overview of your business whenever you need it, you also get the relief that comes with knowing that your data is being taken care of. 

Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to keep an eye on your KPIs at all times, because you can easily set notifications and alerts to warn you whenever there’s a change in your performance. 

For instance, you can choose to receive an alert whenever your budget is about to pass a certain threshold, which allows you to act fast on it before it actually happens. Instead of trying to solve a new challenge, you now can stay ahead of it by staying on top of your data. 

Furthermore, in Plecto you can also create instant notifications to trigger on the dashboards and keep you updated on your team’s performance. What’s more! You can also have these notifications trigger directly on your phone or email as a push notification. 

Blog - The Data Visualization Dashboard Solution for CEOs - Push notifications on the phone with Plecto

This way, you get a personalized notification whenever an employee closes a new deal, gets a positive rating, or reaches a certain KPI - you choose what you want to celebrate from your good performance!

Plecto is all about saving you time from your monotonous tasks. We take care of your data so that you can focus on growing your business and take your team to the next success. 

4. Increase your employees commitment with your business

Employee motivation is a constant challenge for many organizations worldwide. Even more if all the team is now working remotely. 

But keeping your team committed to their performance is easier than you might think when you have the correct tools. And yes, Plecto is one of them. 

Why? Because we strongly believe that employees are the biggest asset for any company, and we want to help you take care of them. 

How? Plecto dashboards provide you with unique gamification features that you can use to boost your team’s performance and keep a high-motivation spirit among co-workers, where everyone supports each other’s productivity.

For instance, you can easily create fun and personalized contests (check our step-by-step guide here) to challenge a department with a specific KPI, or to create friendly competition among teams across locations. Customize the theme, the layout, the prize, the participants, and even the notifications to trigger as the contests progresses. 

Blog - The Data Visualization Dashboard Solution for CEOs - Example of Contest Layout in Plecto

Another engaging option is to recognize your employees’ achievements with customized badges that will appear next to their names on the dashboard. With these, you can celebrate their small and big successes on a daily basis, and everyone can join the celebration. 

The best part? These gamification features can effectively bring your employees together also while working from home, as it promotes a team spirit all day long. Every day brings tons of reasons to celebrate your great employees, and now you can easily reward their hard work!

Do you want to scale up your dashboards? Visit our Help Center to get the best guides and tips on how to get the best from all the features in Plecto! 

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