Plecto is always looking for new partners, to expand our integrations and further promote our visualization dashboards

Are you our new Partner?

Partnerships for Plecto means a lot. To become a partner, you do not need to be in Denmark or visit us every next month, we just have to share the same vision, ideas and a willingness to create value to our customers. As a Plecto partner, we expect you to be a representative of our product in your local area. As we believe in global thinking, while acting locally, your responsibilities will cover product reselling, visiting our potential customers, setting up trainings and support customers according to their needs.

Partners for us, are the ones, who appreciates and recognizes Plecto advantages. The ones, who we want to highlight, because they highlight us. 


  • Possiblity to charge clients for support and extra services
  • Presentation, link and logo on
  • Discounted internal Plecto licenses


  • Sell at least 10 Plecto user licenses
  • Pass certification exam

Our Partners are here to help you

Our partners trains and helps you to implement your needs to integrate dashboards within your sales culture for the best visualization experience on Plecto dashboards. They also have a wide knowledge about other Plecto setups, so if you feel like you need some more inspiration or more knowledge about dashboards, you can always rely on our partners.

Our Technical Partners develops customized integrations on our dashboards and provides your different systems to be visible in one dashboard - Plecto. You just need to enter your data in your system and it will be updated to Plecto dashboard in a matter of seconds.