Dashboards designed to motivate employees

Focus on your employees and they will focus on your business performance

Plecto was established in 2012 as a tool to track sales KPIs. Over time, Plecto have changed many times and now it can be integrated with any CRM or other software systems, so you can use it for multiple purposes. Moreover, it keeps on improving from day to day.

Now, Plecto is a business data visualization solution - a dashboard software that engages thousands of teams around the world to improve their performance. To be more precise, every day, we help to motivate thousands of users across 38 countries.

With dashboards from Plecto, you can display your data on any screen, visualize performance with multiple dashboard widgets, explore how gamification features add even more engaging elements to your work, and develop your teams with performance agreements and one-on-ones inside the system.

Five things to consider before using dashboards

At Plecto, we believe that motivation is one of the most important parts of your work life. We also believe that your work environment is as important as your home and that employers must strive to create an environment that fosters motivation, peer-to-peer recognition, and appreciation. 

To increase your business performance, start out by focusing on your team. Openly recognize achievements and milestones of those who drive your performance. Do that and you are on the path to success. Because the key to your success is having the most engaged and motivated people with you.

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