What is Call Wrap-up Time?

Also called follow-up time, post-call processing, or after-call work, Wrap-up Time is the amount of time a support agent spends on call-related tasks after concluding a customer call. Tasks can include but are not limited to: sending follow-up material (such as surveys or instructions) to the caller; contacting other departments about the customer’s query; and logging the reason for the call and its outcome.

While these tasks are very important, they can nonetheless become time-consuming. It’s thus best to maximize the efficiency of this KPI – performing all requisite tasks while reducing the time to do so.

Wrap-up Time is a relevant KPI for your support team to monitor.

Why is Wrap-up Time important?

Wrap-up Time is important because the support agent is documenting necessary information about the call. Having accurate information about customer calls is vital – not only for record keeping, but also for ensuring that customers don’t contact your support team twice (or more!) for help with the same problem.

Wrap-up Time is also important in ensuring your customer support staff are doing their jobs well – not wasting time, so they can move on quickly to help more customers.

How to calculate Wrap-up Time

Wrap-up Time isn’t necessarily measured in itself. Rather, it’s the remainder of time after other aspects of the customer call process have been completed. To find Wrap-up Time, subtract your combined hold and talk times from the total handle time.

wrap up time formula.png

How to decrease your agents’ Wrap-up Time

The key aspect of Wrap-up Time is to preserve the tasks you need to complete, while reducing the time it takes to complete them. This can potentially be challenging – but there are some ways to manage this challenge, especially by eliminating any redundancy or instance of wasted time.

One of the simplest ways to reduce Wrap-up Time is to ensure agents are using their time appropriately. Be sure that, upon completion of a call, your agents are actually recording the necessary data, and not taking a personal break, for example.

Another means of decreasing Wrap-up Time is to utilize technology to speed up the transcription process. This can consist of providing your agents with typing courses to increase their word-per-minute count; using speech-to-text AI; and using shorthand alongside text expander applications.

You can also establish opening procedures for calls with standardized forms, allowing information to be easily input at call outset.

Finally, consider integrating your CRM and call center software. Doing this will allow information to be uploaded immediately to the customer profile your agents are working on, thus saving time entering ‘basic’ data.

In short, with a combination of both practical protocol and help from technology, your support team will be able to perform their tasks faster, reducing their Wrap-up Time and allowing them to engage with more customers more efficiently.

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