Podio Dashboards with Plecto

Customize your Podio dashboards to visualize any key metrics or performance data directly from your Podio solution on any screen in real-time.


Connect Plecto with Podio intergation

Connect your Plecto and Podio accounts in less than 30 seconds. You are in control which KPIs you would like visualize and how much of data you will import.


Log your activity in Podio

Plecto continuously updates your Podio dashboards with what you log in Podio, so there is no need for you to reenter your activities. 


Display performance data with Plecto

Create formulas, set conditional colors and use other dashboard widgets. You control what, how and where data is displayed.

Start visualizing data with our Podio extension

Display any data from Podio on any screen. Customize your Podio dashboards and discover how Plecto does more than visualizing your performance. You can try our Podio extension for free. If you are a Podio Premium user, you get free dashboards for six months for up to 10 users with Plecto.

Connect to our Podio dashboard extension

Visualize your data from Podio and display important performance metrics and KPIs with our Podio integration. Try it for free.