Plecto integrates with

Customise dashboards that stream sales from CRM to rank top performers and visualise progress towards predetermined targets.

Connect Plecto with

Autorize your account and select the key metrics you want to stream on your dashboard.

Log your activity in

Data flows into Plecto, syncing with the data that's logged or changed in your account.

Display data with Plecto

Visualize the data you import to Plecto, by customizing dashboards use a growing number of widgets.

Recognize sales "wins"

The days of an ageing whiteboard are over. With Plecto, create a culture of accomplishments in your company, while instantly notifying your team of new opportunities, closed deals or incoming calls. You control what constitutes a success and how to celebrate your "wins": Play a custom sound, display the closers headshot, write a custom message or do all of the above to highlight business performance. 

Recognizing great salespeople creates a more motivating and successful work environment as well as keeps reps accountable for continuing to deliver results. Show your team they're contributing, and they'll contribute more.

Connect with Plecto

Take Plecto dashboards, connect it with Close.IO and discover how dashboards can do so much more than just visualizing measurements of your performance. Try it now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.