Actimizer Dashboards

Actimizer dashboards from Plecto

Develop and display real-time dashboards around your office that integrates with Actimizer to stream and visualize call activities and performance data.

Actimizer dashboard integration

Integrate your Plecto and Actimizer accounts in less than 30 seconds. Import everything or only selected metrics. 

Log activity in Actimizer integration

Plecto dashboards synchronises with Actimizer, while automatically streaming and visualizing latest activity data.

Display data with Actimizer dashboards

Manipulate your imported data with custom formulas, and visualize your metrics with over a dozen dashboard widgets.

Strengthen your team culture

Improved alignment and productivity are great,  but the true advatage of Plecto dashboards are in creating a more engaging work environment. Plecto combines competition, recognition and gamification to boost productivity and improve team performance.

By visualizing key performance metrics on Plecto dashboard, your team will be targeted towards maximising productivity and improving business results. When a salesperson logs a new lead or closes a new deal in Actimizer integration, Plecto dashboards automatically upgrades and highlights the employees performance. 

Integrate your Actimizer with Plecto

Take Plecto for a spin and discover how office dashboards can do so much more than just visualizing your sales funnel. Try it now. No credit card needed and no strings attached.