Plecto integrates with webCRM

Develop and display real-time dashboards that integrate with webCRM to stream and visualize sales activities and performance data.

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Integrate webCRM

Integrate your Plecto and webCRM accounts in less than 30 seconds. Import everything or only selected metrics.

Log activity in webCRM

Plecto will automatically sync with webCRM—updating dashboards with the latest sales data.

Display data with Plecto

Manipulate your imported data with custom formulas, and visualize your data with over a dozen dashboard widgets.

Strengthen team culture

Keeping your webCRM system updated is undoubtedly an important responsibility, but it’s certainly not the most interesting of tasks. Plecto can change that. By streaming key metrics from webCRM on dashboards around the office, reps are compelled to promptly update the system after each Won Deal or New Opportunity.

Recognize sales reps for “wins”

With Plecto, users can instantly notify their teams of new webCRM opportunities, closed deals or incoming calls. You control what constitutes a “win” and how you celebrate: Play a custom sound, display the closer’s headshot, write a custom message or do all of the above.

Recognizing successful salespeople in this way creates a more engaging and collaborative work environment and keeps reps accountable for continuing to deliver. Show your team they’re contributing, and they’ll contribute more.

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