Develop and display dashboards that pull and visualize business goals and real-time results straight from Salesforce.

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Connect with Salesforce

Easily import Salesforce data with our out-of-the-box integration. Import sales goals, recent sales activities and more.

Log sales in Salesforce

No need to reenter data! Plecto works in tandem with Salesforce; auto-updating dashboards with what’s in the CRM.

Visualize data with Plecto

You control what, how and where sales data is displayed. Set conditional colors, develop formulas and more.

What is Plecto?

Plecto helps sales teams increase motivation and boost performance. Plecto allows users to create custom dashboards that display real-time performance data streamed straight from Salesforce. With leaderboards, instant notifications, and custom recognition features, Plecto will transform your team into motivated high performers fueled by friendly competition!

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How does Plecto work with Salesforce?

Plecto integrates with Salesforce and visually represents data on dashboards that can display around the office. Recognize successes with automated “win” notifications, milestone achievements and performance leaderboards. Visualize progress against individual or team KPIs. And, put your dashboards on large TV screens to motivate competitive salespeople to boost their performance.

Increase CRM adoption

Compel your team to promptly log all sales or risk dropping in rank.

Improve team alignment

Your team will always have an up-to-date view of their performance and targets.

Maximize productivity

Motivate your team to increase work output with a play-to-win atmosphere.

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