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Build customizable dashboards that visualize performance data from IvoCall in real time across any screen.

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Connect Plecto and IvoCall

With an out-of-the-box integration, users can quickly integrate Plecto with IvoCall in a matter of a few clicks.

Log activity in IvoCall

Once integrated, there’s no need to reenter data. Plecto will automatically sync with IvoCall activities in real time.

Display data with Plecto

Visualize key metrics on dashboards with a growing list of widgets. Display dashboards on any device and screen!

Better align and focus your team

Your team is constantly making and taking calls, closing deals and, hopefully, updating this information in IvoCall. Yet, with rows and rows of spreadsheet-like data, it’s not always clear to your team how they’re performing or what they should be focusing on.

By visualizing key performance metrics on Plecto dashboards, your team will always have access to real-time business insights. Not only will your team always have an up-to-date overview of their individual and team’s performance, they’ll be targeted towards maximizing productivity and bettering the business.

Celebrate “wins” as they happen

With Plecto, users can instantly notify teams of recent successes in IvoCall. You control what constitutes a “win” and how you celebrate: Play a custom sound, display the closer’s headshot, write a custom message or do all of the above. Now, when a member of your team converts a sale, takes a certain number of calls, or nabs a new lead, his/her success is broadcast to the entire team.

Recognizing successful reps in this way creates a more engaging and collaborative work environment and keeps your team accountable for continuing to deliver. Show your team they’re contributing, and they’ll contribute more.

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