With seamless integrations, instant notifications and custom recognition features, Plecto will transform your team into motivated high performers fueled by friendly competition!

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Display performance data across any device or screen

Gone are the days of tediously tracking sales or call activities on a whiteboard or in a spreadsheet. Plecto allows users to build dashboards that visualize business goals and current results in real time. Users can easily equip dashboards with a growing list of widgets using a drag-and-drop editor and stream sales, support or call activities from their existing systems. With Plecto dashboards, you control what, how and where performance data is displayed.

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Recognize top performers on a performance leaderboard

Has your company ever offered a prize for increased results? They offer, say, an iPad and then announce a winner after a specified period of time. Plecto takes this strategy into the 21st century. With Plecto, you can display a leaderboard that pulls data from your CRM, support or call systems and ranks your team based on results.

Leaderboards create an engaging, competitive atmosphere, keep your team accountable for their activities and improve mentorship.

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Broadcast success with customizable “win” notifications

Be it ringing a bell, a pat on the back or a simple passing smile in the hallway, all companies celebrate success in some way. With Plecto, you can broadcast recent successes in real time through customizable push notifications. Automate notifications to pop-up after every sale, positive customer review or other “win.” Recognizing members of your team for succeeding helps ensure they’ll continue to succeed.

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Leverage competition with contests

Sometimes boosting performance is as easy as pitting competitive reps against one another! With the Contests feature, Plecto users have complete control over the type, prize, target and runtime for each contest. Choose “Team vs. Team” to group your employees into teams or “Player vs. Player” to have them compete as individuals. Play an auto-generated introductory cutscene in the style of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV series. And, track team or individual progress in real time on a contest leaderboard.

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Reward milestones with badges

Achievements are another way to recognize members of your team for meeting milestones or setting records. Define targets in Plecto that, once met, trigger custom icons to display next to a user’s name on each of your dashboards.

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Seamlessly integrate Plecto with your other systems

There is nothing worse than “yet another system.” Plecto integrates with a growing list of business platforms—Salesforce, Pipedrive and Podio, for example. Pull performance data automatically without training your team on a new system. If you don’t want to integrate, no problem: Log sales directly into Plecto!

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Get started without involving your IT department

Plecto is easy to setup and easier to use. If you can use Excel, you can use Plecto. (Otherwise, we’re always here to help!)

Super simple setup

Quickly create an account, connect your data sources and get started without involving IT.

Intuitive, powerful admin

Easily configure your account and customize dashboards with our drag-and-drop editor.

Completely device-agnostic

Display your dashboards across any device or screen.