Pipedrive uses dashboards to display KPIs and increase visibility

The Pipedrive team in Tallinn, Estonia was looking for a way to better inform and align their team. After they started using Plecto, not only did they achieve their goal, but they were surprised by how much more engaging and “fun” their workplace became.

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Eniro uses the data to increase their performance and reach their targets

Every morning each team in Eniro Denmark starts the day with a stand-up meeting where they use Plecto to evaluate yesterdays performance and prepare for a new challenging day. Here sales reps can discuss performance and show off great sales for the rest of the team.

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JO-Marketing manages all their competitions and sales activities in Plecto

JO-Marketing had an old whiteboard, which the sales rep had to keep up to date in between sales. This is now replaced with the Plecto dashboard.

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Sales rep keeps track of all the activities while on the road

Plecto administrates all of Hungry's Sales Representative. They register their activities straight from their phones, while on the go.

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With more than 620,000 employees worldwide, G4S is not just the worlds largest security company, it is also one of the largest private sector employers in the world. With Plecto, G4S can follow sales in real-time and the individual sales reps can access their own and their teams' performance. Using push notifications field sales reps are always up to date with the latest sales figures.


Nashville-based SITEL offers outsorced customer service and telemarketing to companies world-wide including many Fortune 500 companies. For a company that lives from outsourcing, it's essential to keep and eye on performance at all times - not just from the management perspective but also for each employee to keep track of their own performance. Plecto allows SITEL to create motivational dashboards for employees while also providing real-time management dashboards to keep track of KPIS across different clients in a single place.

Berlingske Media

Publishing it's first issue on January 3 1749, Berlingske Tidende is one of the worlds oldest newspapers. To support sales staff sell Berlingske Tidende and the many other newspapers published by Berlingske Media, they use Plecto to motivate sales staff. After an initial test, Berlingske Media has integrated Plecto with their other IT systems to offer a transparent and smooth experience for their sales staff. To get the latest figures, all their sales staff need to do, is to look at the large TVs on the wall.


Installed in 55.000+ vehicles, Ecofleet is one of the leading telematics providers in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Eastern europe. In a company with rapid growth and operations across more than 20 countries, keeping track of sales performance and create competition can be time-consuming. Plecto helps VP Sales Robert Holm motivate sales staff consistently across the company. Furthermore, Plecto's simplicity allows Robert to design sales dashboards in a matter of minutes or change them to reflect new KPIs or competitions.