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3 Ways Plecto Can Improve Your Next Sales Contest

June 7, 2016  |  Kristian Øllegaard  |  Features  

Running contests isn’t a new concept for the business world. Managers have been rewarding top-performing employees with trips, tickets and dinners for decades. Who can blame them? Contests are a great way of grabbing attention and focusing your team towards a common target—all the while creating an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

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5 Things to Consider Before You Start Social Selling

May 2, 2016  |  Jakob Thusgaard  |  Best Practices  

If you’ve connected to WiFi at least once in the past few years then you’ve heard of “social selling.” It’s an intimidating concept for conventional, business card-toting salespeople who are still often puzzled by their smartphones.

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5 Unique Team-Building Activities to Energize Your Employees

April 21, 2016  |  Rasmus Dahl  |  Best Practices  

After years of trust falls and playing tug-of-war with coworkers, I get a gut-wrenching feeling anytime I hear the phrase “team building.” Yet, planning team building activities is no easy task. If it’s too athletic, someone is bound to be alienated. If it’s too difficult, people get cranky. If it’s too competitive, people become, well, too competitive.

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Use Plecto to Visualize the Progress of Podio Projects

Use Plecto to Visualize the Progress of Podio Projects

April 12, 2016  |  Kristian Øllegaard  |  Best Practices  

We have a number of customers who use Podio as their CRM system. Using our software, they can visualize and stream their Podio data via Plecto dashboards that display around the office. That way, they keep their teams informed and motivated using our custom recognition features—leaderboards, notifications and achievements, for example.

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6 Technology Must-Haves for Your Office

April 7, 2016  |  Evan VanDerwerker  |  Integrations  

Though I’m based in the United States, I’m spending the next few weeks with the Plecto team at our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark (officially spelled Århus). The food portions and cars are comparably smaller, but that was something I expected. What I didn’t expect were the super cool gadgets the guys here use around the office.

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