Plecto integrates with Actimizer

Develop and display real-time dashboards that integrate with Actimizer to stream and visualize call activities and performance data.

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Integrate Actimizer

Integrate your Plecto and Actimizer accounts in less than 30 seconds. Import everything or only selected metrics.

Log activity in Actimizer

Plecto will automatically sync with Actimizer—updating dashboards with the latest activity data.

Display data with Plecto

Manipulate your imported data with custom formulas, and visualize your data with over a dozen dashboard widgets.

Strengthen team culture

Improved alignment and productivity are great, but the true value of Plecto is in creating a more engaging work environment. Plecto combines competition, recognition and gamification to boost productivity and improve team performance.

When a rep logs a new lead or closes a deal in Actimizer, the dashboards update instantly and make play a custom sound, display a custom message, play a personal video or even flash a Philips Hue light.

Unify your team around KPIs

Your telemarketing system is loaded with crucial information. Yet, with rows and rows of spreadsheet-like data, it’s not always clear to your team how they’re performing or what they should be focusing on.

By visualizing key performance Actimizer metrics on Plecto dashboards, your team will always have access to real-time business insights. Not only will your team always have an up-to-date overview of their individual and team’s performance, they’ll be targeted towards maximizing productivity and bettering the business.

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