Team motivation software for boosting performance

Create custom dashboards that display real-time performance data across any device, computer or television screen.

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Develop dashboards that stream and visualize key performance data from your existing systems.


Instantly broadcast successes and keep your team informed with automated “win” notifications.


Reward individual accomplishments and milestones with customizable achievement badges.


Spark a friendly competition by ranking your team on a real-time performance leaderboard.

Motivate what matters most

The most important resource that a business has are its employees. Highly engaged and motivated employees produce better results: They make more sales, initiate more calls and serve customers better.

How do you make sure your team stays motivated to always perform at their best? That’s where Plecto comes in!

With turnkey integrations, leaderboards and custom recognition features, Plecto will transform your team into motivated high performers fueled by friendly competition!

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Integrate Plecto with your existing systems

Plecto integrates with a growing number of business systems. Choose from CRM systems, customer support platforms and more.

Transform your team with these popular features

Plecto has a bunch of nifty features that are sure to motivate and engage your team:


Display performance data across any device or screen.


Track top performers on a performance leaderboard.


Broadcast success with customizable “win” notifications.


Visualize progress towards individualized or team goals.


Leverage friendly competition by running time-limited contests.


Seamlessly integrate Plecto with your other systems.

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Plecto is loved by over 10,000 active users who are fueled by friendly competition

“Our sales organization is one of our biggest assets. [Plecto] not only allows us to follow everyday sales but more importantly to control it.”

Jesper Gottlieb
Head of Business Development,

“You feel empowered by the data on the screen, and you feel like you can accomplish even more than you expected.”

Daniel Figueiredo
Support and Sales Project Analyst,

“We managed to almost triple our goal and sold for more than 4,5M SEK – so the competition [with Plecto] was very successful.”

Amanda Nordlund
Business Development Manager,

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While Plecto works great for teams sitting together in an office, it’s also built to work great for employees on the road. Access our website directly from your mobile device or download our iOS app. With Plecto, you’re never out of touch (or out of the running).

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