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Sales and executive dashboards at Telia

Challenge: Telia were lacking an accurate overview

Telia is a huge company with a number of different departments performing different functions. 

They primarily use external call centres to handle their outbound sales. Using external partners means that sometimes it is difficult to get a complete overview of both how each centre is performing in comparison to each other and the ratio between sales and quality. 

Recording sales on a whiteboard was no longer cutting it for Telia. Daniel Barnes, Head of Consumer Outbound Sales, decided that they needed a more effective way to record and visualise sales performance. 

Daniel began looking for an effective solution and came across Plecto.

Daniel says that he knew he wanted to use Plecto “within the first couple of minutes” of the initial meeting as it was “magic”. He was also instantly impressed by Plecto as it was “easy to set up” and the fact they were able to set up Plecto without having to involve their IT department. 

Solution: Visualised KPIs on gamified dashboards


Telia visualise their sales and quality data on dashboards for both employees and management to see.

Plecto dashboards give call centre employees instant answers to how many sales they’re making, how this relates to the quality of their sale and how well the rest of team is doing.

Managers have access to visualised KPI data and performance information on their executive dashboards. 

Sonos and Philips Hue integrations

Telia also make use of Plecto’s compatibility with Philips Hue lighting and Sonos speakers.

At one point, one of the outbound sales teams were located in an area in the office where they were unable to make a lot of noise, so playing a sound when an employee made a sale wasn’t possible.

Luckily, they used their Philips Hue lights and triggered them to flash when a sale was made. This meant that the sale was still able to be recognised without having to use sound. The employees really valued being able to celebrate a sale whilst not disturbing others. 

Other sales teams are able to make a small amount of noise so they rely on Plecto’s Sonos integration.

They have a number of small Sonos speakers placed on different desks that play a custom sound when an employee makes a sale. These concentrated areas of sound mean that sounds can still be played, but they don’t disturb other departments or employees who aren’t in the sales team. 


Telia also make use of Plecto gamification features through leaderboards showing who has made the most sales, the most number of calls and the best quality scores. 

They award virtual badges to employees with top scores which Daniel Barnes says excites and engages the teams. 

Sales vs. quality KPIs

As the outbound sales department is focused on making sales whilst maintaining a high level of quality, it’s important that both are shown on a dashboard. 

As this sales and quality information comes from different sources, the ability to take this data and display it cohesively in one place is valuable for Telia.

Results: Balanced sales, better overview and higher engagement

Balanced sales

An important part of Telia's sales process is that they have an equal number of sales of the different subscription sales they offer. Since using Plecto dashboards, these sales have become perfectly balanced. 

Daniel Barnes believes that this is because the sales representatives now have a visual overview of how many sales they've made of each subscription. This overview allows them to see where they need to focus their sales effort. This balance is something managers have been working hard to achieve, so they are delighted by this result. 

"Plecto provides me with instant answers to how my business is going"

Daniel Barnes

Head of Consumer Outbound Sales at Telia

Increased engagement and motivation

Daniel Barnes also credits Plecto's gamification features with sparking friendly competition amongst the staff at their call centers. He says the team loves seeing their picture pop up when they make a sale and seeing the Philips Hue lights flash when they achieve a goal.

He also commented that gamification creates "motivation and wanting to be best".

Complete overview

Telia management now has a better overview of how each employee is performing in terms of both sales and quality, which empowers them to make more accurate management decisions. Daniel Barnes says that combined numbers "recognise the mix of sales and quality" which is key to success in their department. 







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