Case Summary


  • Needed a way to showcase sales performance, goal progress, and success… and optimize it.
  • Managers “had to wait until the next day to see what was happening yesterday”–it’s too late!
  • Build a performance culture in the customer service teams based on data-driven decisions


Dashboards: Real-time team performance visualization on TVs with instant feedback
Gamification: Contest, notifications, and achievements to motivate employees through recognition
Performance Agreements: Confidential goal setting & tracking only seen by manager and agent
Reports: Real-time reports automatically generated as presentations for management meetings


  • “Customer feedback shows that we have improved service quality, and Plecto is at the core of this”
  • Making intrinsically-driven agents' achievements visible on screen has been “very motivating”
  • Teams are “doing better in the periods where we have the contests running”

Company Background

Originally founded in 2006 under parent company Swedish Teracom Group, Boxer TV first launched its broadcasting pay TV channels in Denmark just 3 years later. Under a proposed merger between the Danish energy company, SE Energy & Climate, and regional energy provider, Eniig, Boxer became the newly-established Norlys group in 2017.

With over 3,000 employees across 10 locations, Norlys is recognized as Denmark’s largest integrated telecommunications and energy group. The TV, broadband, natural gas, and electricity powerhouse are supported by 800,000+ shareholders in supplying electricity and internet to over 1 million customers across the country, boasting 88% coverage with high-speed internet.

The Challenge

Norlys (formerly Boxer TV) needed a way to track, visualize, and showcase performance to improve sales foremostly in the highly competitive telecommunications industry.

Stig Bruun, Data Analyst & Developer at Norlys, needed no introduction to the importance of data and the value it would bring to the company’s productivity and results: “We needed a way to showcase our progress and successes (mainly regarding sales) to generally improve performance” explains Stig, who set out to implement a system that would create a performance culture in the multi-talented telco teams.

The Solution: Why Plecto?

Stig was supported by his colleagues in sales and planning in the decision to implement Plecto. The appeal of Plecto was two-fold for Norlys; the first being the real-time aspect, and the second being the ability to understand the reasoning behind the data.

Given its intended use in sales, it was critical that teams were able to work with live data: “Plecto is definitely a real-time tool, and at times also sometimes the tool for analyzing historical data. But it should not be mistaken for or competing with Power BI.”

Case Study Example Norlys Combined.png

Secondly, continues Stig, “I can backtrack and understand why certain data is the way it is. This way it’s not always about focusing on KPIs, but also on PIs.” That is, oftentimes there are other metrics underpinning key outcomes that are just as important to analyze and understand to achieve the results the telecommunications powerhouse sought to achieve.

Here’s how Plecto helped Norlys achieve the motivating recognition and visualization of performance data they needed:

Norlys Plecto Usage Graphic 1.png Norlys Plecto Usage Graphic 2.png

The Results

Re-energizing reps with real-time recognition

Stig’s success in implementing Plecto can be attributed to his understanding of the types of people in Norlys’ sales, support, and service teams: “Of course, we have a lot of very performance-driven people. But we also have some more service-minded and intrinsically-motivated agents who are not so driven by beating anyone else. But when they can see their achievements on the screen, that kind of recognition is enough for them. They just want to be regarded as contributing results.”

"It just has to be visible that they actually achieved something–this has been very motivating for the [more intrinsically-driven] agents in giving them the recognition they need."

Stig Bruun

Data Analyst & Developer at Norlys

Sometimes a simple, visible reminder of your value to the team is just the boost that some sales or service staff needs. For Norlys, the instant notifications and contests have proved to be the foolproof formula for re-sparking this feeling.

“The agents have been happy to have Plecto. They like to have a tool where they can see, ‘Well, now I made a sale. I can see it on the dashboard. I know that everyone else can see it and know it, too.’ They like that instant success is shown.”

Performance powered up during contest periods

Norlys sought to achieve the same performance-driven culture in the customer service department as they were able to in sales…and what better way than with friendly competition. Stig supported that the contests have been an excellent way to create a fun environment for the typically younger employee profiles that fill sales and service positions at Norlys, while also promoting better performance during the contest periods.

"Plecto has really helped us to focus on sales and the performance-culture in customer service. We are doing better in the periods where we have the contests running."

Stig Bruun

Whether it's for the glory or an exciting prize, like a trip to London to watch a Premier League match, running a contest and incentivizing everyday activities ignites even the least competitive agents. Norlys found this to be true for when they ran week- or month-long contests. Check out this fun World Cup Handball-inspired contest the lead sponsors of Denmkar's championship team ran.

Danmark Håndball Dashboard Blurred.png

Flying colors for CSAT thanks to real-time feedback

Having their sales and support data visible is one thing, having it live adds another layer, but the real benefit comes from being able to act on those real-time insights: “It’s really about being able to get that quick overview of the agents’ performance on Plecto dashboards. Then you can have a quick conversation with an agent to understand what is driving great results, and perhaps address any obstacles or make course corrections to replicate this” before a bad day becomes a bad month. According to Stig, this is something Norlys would not have been able to achieve without the help of Plecto:

"We have definitely seen massive improvements in our support team, especially within the last 6 months. Customer feedback shows that we have improved our service quality, and Plecto is at the core of this through visualization and instant feedback."

Stig Bruun

Norlys Support & Service Saves Altered.png

In an industry where customer satisfaction can be the difference between a lifelong customer and a churn figure, the value of real-time feedback, in Stig’s opinion, cannot be overstated. “The real-time data and quick feedback loop we achieve with Plecto is really important at Norlys. If managers have to wait until the next day to see what was happening yesterday, it’s too late” adds Stig.

Significant improvements in churn and support teams

Stig had the chance to reflect on the success that Plecto has brought to the customer support team, particularly in terms of educating, understanding, and taking pre-emptive action to reduce future churn:

“The churn area is where we have really made big improvements using Plecto. We have used it very much to focus on retention. Plecto has also enabled us to focus on which areas we have performed well in, which areas we have not performed so well in, and how many potential churns have not been handled yet.”

“It’s been really great for educating the whole business and making them understand the dynamics of this churn area. So we can now see when customers are churning–is it at the end of the month, during the month, or which kind of products are churning more than others…and then we take action on this to prevent future churn activity.”

In the same regard, the Second Line Support team has used the number of repeat customer calls KPI to “monitor and look up tickets from these customers to figure out, ‘Is there an ongoing problem that we can solve?’ and reaching out to the customer to find a solution.”

Team Forecasts Example.png

Final Thoughts on Plecto

Looking back on Norlys’ motivation for purchasing, Stig concludes, “We needed a way to showcase our progress and successes (mainly regarding sales) to generally improve performance...But we have used it much more than its original intent!”

Stig is no stranger to the technicalities or capabilities of integrating data into Plecto. With 73 data sources filtering sales, support, and service data into their Plecto setup, he offered some advice to others looking to take advantage of Plecto’s 100+ integrations. The data analyst recommended working together with experts at your CRM, telephony, or support system companies to help when it comes to SQL setups needed.

In all other cases, Stig strongly encourages you to collaborate with Plecto’s “very pro-active-minded support…Your customer support always answers very quickly and are always following up to make sure any concerns are not left unanswered!”

We are committed to data privacy. All dashboard images in this blog post have been provided by our customer, Norlys. Names, identification photos, and some data have been altered for security. Plecto does not access customer dashboards without written consent.


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"Plecto is a valuable tool for visualizing data, giving instant feedback to the agents, and discussing their progress during 1:1s."

Stig Rounded B&W.png

Stig Bruun

Data Analyst & Developer at Norlys

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