We Are Fiber helps your business to outsource your Customer Care Services. Their main services offered are following: Help Desk, Customer Service, Ticketing Management, Social Instant Messaging and Office Booking.

Supporting companies for over 10 years

We Are Fiber is a leading company in Business Process Outsourcing.

For over 10 years they have been supporting companies in their growth path, offering various services such as Customer Care management, Data Entry and Smartsourcing. We Are Fiber provides highly customized solutions in various industries and countries with a staff of over 700 people. A large flexible and dynamic work group, divided into 6 offices in Tirana.

Customized Customer Care

We Are Fiber offers a flexible and customized Outsourcing Customer Care service which adapts to the need of the companies. Thanks to a multilingual staff and a 24-hour service, they allow client companies to devote themselves to their core business and at the same time offer a fast and efficient customer service.

Due to the experience of the team and the development of intelligent solutions We Are Fiber allows companies to save time, resources and money.

Maximum quality and precision service

Thanks to advanced technologies and a trained team We Are Fiber guarantees maximum quality and precision for services such as Document Management, Document Retention, Archiving, Data Digitization, Data Labeling and Annotation, Data Archiving, Updating and Maintenance of Documents and Files.

We Are Fiber simplifies access to non-digitized information, such as customer databases or data lists.