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The Go To Company works to develop, optimize and create cohesion in small and medium-sized businesses. Their employees are specialised within the fields of economic, investment, finance, IT, project management, communication, analysis, strategy and business development.

The Go To Company helps different companies and industries

The Go To Companies employees are specialists in business development and assists daily with digital project management and execution of development projects.

Over the past year, The Go To Company has implemented Plecto in many different companies and industries - from pension and insurance companies to consultants and event companies.

Experienced in setting data up in Plecto

The Go To Company has a lot of experience setting up the right data sources so you can get a simple overview by looking at your dashboards on either the TV screen or the Plecto app.

For some of their clients, uploading Excel sheets has been the right solution and for other clients they have used the integration opportunities in finance, sales and marketing.

They will tailor the solutions to your wishes

They will help you with advice as well as make sure you have a solution tailored to your wishes.
At The Go To Company, their values ​​are humility, decency and professionalism.

Finally, get in touch with them here if you need a casual conversation and want to hear more.

Systems they specialise in