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TIMA Advice is a small ”boutique” company specialized in supporting small and medium size companies with implementing digital solutions/softwares for different purposes. TIMA Advice works with clients from Austria and Switzerland.

Optimise processes in order to generate maximum performance

The founder of TIMA Advice Tim Marschall has more than 15 years of experience from senior management positions across Europe, where the management culture was an important part in the decision making.

They primarily help small and medium sized companies with optimise every process in order to generate maximum performance and more profit.

Choosing SaaS or developing customised solutions

TIMA Advice’s strength is to evaluate the value of implementing standard cloud based SaaS into a company rather than developing customized solutions for the same purposes. They also investigate how to engage employees and management in the process of the changes.

They have experienced that within the area of financial reporting and accounting there is a great need to optimise the processes.

Implement a simple and high-quality solution

Since 2016 TIMA Advice have accompanied more than 30 companies and projects in implementing software solutions within nursery management, hiring procedures, payroll systems, IT development outsourcing/nearshoring, financial consolidation, internal communication and sales management.

TIMA Advice can be your contact in Switzerland and Austria, they will help you with finding a simple, inexpensive and high-quality solution.

Their services includes

  • Simplifying processes
  • Increase quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provides their services in Austria and Switzerland