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Radiant is specialized in Sales Excellence for complex business services.
They drive and implement sales digitalization and behavioral changes to improve retention, sales results and sales culture.

Succeeding with Plecto based on company needs

Radiant realizes growth potential for companies within industries of b2b services.
Together Plecto and Radiant enhance sales and customer success performance and culture.
Radiant implements, operates and succeeds with Plecto based on your ambitions and needs. They will ensure that Plecto is rooted at a strategic, organisational, incentive and cultural level that fits your business plan.

Retention and Sales Excellence, Executed

Radiant has the unique approach of combining strategic Sales Excellence with execution to achieve growth. Through direct sales and retention execution efforts, they execute sales and retention for their clients.
They call it Retention and Sales Excellence, Executed.

Helps with implementation and change of behavior

Radiant is the fastest growing Sales Excellence consultancy in Denmark because they
combine Sales Excellence and sales execution to digitize and conceptualize sale processes.
Radiant drives and implement Sales Digitalization and behavioral changes to improve retention, sales results and sales culture.
They handle 80% of the retention and sales process and generate more revenue than what they cost.

Their services includes

  • CRM: Design - Implementation, Sales Processes, Lead Generation and Customer Success Flow
  • Sales Transformation
  • Sales Digitalization
  • Sales Execution
  • Sales Strategy