Firmafon use business dashboards to track sales KPIs

Motivate your salespeople with sales dashboards

Firmafon have created a sales dashboard in Plecto that allows them to track sales KPIs in real-time and increases knowledge sharing across the sales team. 


Firmafon were in need of sales dashboard software that could track and visualize KPIs in their sales department.


Plecto offered a tool for tracking progress and keeping salespeople motivated through transparent benchmarks.


Firmafon are able to track and motivate each salesperson to reach their individual and team goals.

Challenge: Increase sales performance with motivation

Firmafon needed a tool to generate an easily accessible overview that could accurately visualize each employee’s call performance.

They wanted to take their performance data out of an internal system and bring it into their office to promote transparency and to make decision-making for each salesperson easier.

As Firmafon started their search for an interactive sales dashboard to track and display KPIs, they found Plecto. 

Solution: Gamification and data visualization dashboards

When Firmafon established their KPIs within Plecto’s dashboard software, they not only visualized progress but they also made it possible for all employees to track sales metrics and compare themselves with their colleagues.

Firmafon particularly enjoy the ability to share success stories, visualize daily progress data and send notifications triggered by team members reaching their individual targets.

Dashboards promotes collaboration in sales

Results: Real-time performance indicators increase sales

With Plecto, Firmafon can now track and report the time each salesperson spends talking to potential customers. The sales team can easily get an overview of their daily progress and motivate each other to get better results. 

Plecto allows Firmafon to make sale-successes visible and share these with the rest of the company.

It creates an atmosphere where colleagues increasingly interact with each other based on achievements and try to share their knowledge and experience on how they reached their targets.

"Plecto provides us with an outstanding overview of each employee’s daily progress."
Pernille Solvig Graux
VP Sales at Firmafon

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