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Explore how dashboards are used in businesses across various industries. By transforming the way employees are motivated, Plecto is the business dashboard software companies turn to for powering their performance.

How dashboards are used across industries

Learn how organizations use dashboards to track business performance in real-time and and how engaging features help motivate employees into naturally increasing their performance. 

POS nation
POS nation

How POS Nation Uses Performance Data to Motivate Employees

POS Nation, a point of sale system company in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of many businesses utilizing Plecto in the office. From sales reps to support technicians, their entire team monitors real-time dashboards throughout the workday. What started as a simple social experiment has now generated tangible productivity improvements for the company. Learn how POS Nation uses performance data to motivate its employees and fuel its continuing growth.

Telia case study Daniel Barnes

Executive and sales dashboards to improve performance

Learn how Telia Danmark use Plecto dashboards to balance their sales performance, get a better overview and increase engagement and motivation. Hear why Daniel Barnes, Head of Consumer Outbound Sales, relies on Plecto to make better management decisions.

Kasper and Camilla Trendday
Trendday case study logo

Increase transparency with e-commerce dashboards

Learn why Trendday use an e-commerce Plecto dashboard to visualise their data from Shopify and Google Analytics. Find out why Plecto gives them a greater deal of transparency amongst their team and increased motivation and engagement.

Case: Pipedrive tracks performance indicators with TV dashboards
Pipedrive Dashboards from Plecto - Case Story

Visualizing KPIs across the office

At Pipedrive, employees feel empowered by always having their performance data at hand. Learn their motivation for displaying dashboards on TVs and the impact it has.

Firmafon use business dashboards to track sales KPIs

Promote collaboration with sales KPI dashboards

Firmafon are tracking daily sales progress on real-time sales dashboards. They experience their salespeople increasingly sharing their knowledge and experience on how they achieved a milestone.

Hungry Group use reporting dashboards from Plecto
Hungry Group use executive dashboards from Plecto

Reduce business reporting with executive dashboards

Hungry Group has decreased time spent on business reporting with dashboard visualizations of their regional business performance and by displaying employee KPIs in real-time

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