June 15, 2015 · Sales Performance

Motivate and Coach Your Sales Reps With Performance Agreements

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

One of the best ways to make sure your sales reps are performing well is to get them to make a personal commitment by the start of every month (or whatever time frame you measure sales). However, a common problem is visualizing these goals and exposing them to your sales reps.

When I worked as a sales rep myself, my manager would put up posters with our personal goals or write them on whiteboards. In my opinion, not every goal needs to be shown to everyone, e.g. if a single person is performing very bad on a secondary KPI, there is no point of cluttering the information to the rest of the team with that particular KPI. That’s why we’re introducing personal performance agreements in Plecto today. Now you can display key metrics on our business visualization dashboards and help boost individualized secondary (or primary) KPIs to each rep on an individual dashboard.

Getting started with performance agreements

It’s super easy to get started with performance agreements in your team. Keep in mind that you want to make different performance agreements with different sales reps. You most likely have a target for each sales rep which is displayed in a dashboard or whiteboard. For some sales representatives, this could be an even higher target that you privately agreed on but for many other sales reps it could be KPIs such as talk-time on the phone, sales hit rate or the number of meetings booked.

Increase focus by limiting what you expose

You want every sales rep to focus on the most important KPIs for that particular person. By exposing only two to three KPIs on your sales dashboard and then making custom-tailored personal KPIs for each person, you can increase each salesperson’s focus on the KPIs essential to their personal success.

Successful implementation in your team

  • Decide on individual KPIs to improve
  • Visualize their KPIs in an open and transparent way
  • Review on a monthly basis which KPIs is relevant for each employee
  • If you want to know more about how to use performance agreements with Plecto then sign up for a free trial or call us on +45 7199 7160.

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