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Sales performance Jan. 25, 2023

5 very useful tools for Inbound Marketing

Blog - 5 very useful tools for your Inbound Marketing - telephone showing a marketer's agenda

Tools for inbound marketing are gaining more and more space in marketing departments around the world, due to the change in users’ preferences when it comes to consuming online content. In case you’re still not familiar with the term, inbound marketing actions consist of earning people’s interest rather than paying for it, that’s exactly what the inbound marketing definition is.

This means that companies are now focusing more on creating content that can genuinely add value to their followers - and potential clients. But it seems that it’s not only beneficial for customers, but also for the marketing team’s budget!

Did you know that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing? It sounds like something we should be paying attention to!

However, we know first-hand that it can be difficult to come up with creative and original content every time. Plus, how can you know what your followers want from you? Nearly every company out there is now multichannel, which also involves a wider variety of content and audiences to reach out to.  In those busy times, you must be efficient and get outside assistance with inbound marketing software.

Sometimes it’s all about keeping yourself updated with the newest apps in the market that can make your life easier and boost further motivation with a certain task. Who has time for that?

But stop worrying, we have you covered here! We’ve done the research for you so that you only have to read and adopt those that fit most - and thank us later!

So, without further ado, let's get started.

5 tools for inbound marketing

1. Answer the public

Being part of the market means listening to its demands, right? 

It can be difficult sometimes to keep track of the daily changing trends, doubts, needs, and requests - there’s no possible way of doing so!

Well, there are tricks. One of them is this website called ‘Answer the public’.

The theme of this website is a fortune-teller that’s ready to listen to your keywords to tell you everything you need to know about them. Sounds good? There’s more! Once you write the specific word you are interested in, it shows you the hundreds of questions that have been asked on Google containing this term. It’s mind-blowing, let me tell you!

It’s also very user-friendly. You literally just have to select the language and the keyword you want to research and in a matter of seconds, you’ll see a diagram made of the related google searches.

This inbound marketing tool is extremely useful for the content writers because it guides them towards solving the audience’s real questions. Say hi to your most valuable inbound marketing content!

Blog - 5 very useful tools for your Inbound Marketing - example of an inbound marketing tool

2. Lumen5

Even though you might write the best blog posts, you also need to make them visual. 

We all know by now that the attention span of the average social media user is less than 15 seconds. And what can we do to stop the scrolling? A short video! It’s a vital inbound marketing software, which will be a great choice to boost your performance and efficiency.

There are many video-creation tools on the internet, but if you need a starting point and don’t have much knowledge about video production, Lumen5 will help you get started. It’s a free website where you can upload your blog post - or any other content you want to transform into a video - and it will automatically create slides, divide the text and show you visual content that might fit the written one. 

It’s not a magic tool, so you will probably still need to correct, remove or add from the automatic creation. You can also upload specific images or videos that you want to feature, as well as the background music. 

Sounds like that’s worth a try for you?

3. BuzzSumo

Much of an inbound marketing strategy is a good content plan! What, where, how and when to post are possibly the most asked questions in the marketing departments. 

If you are looking for a tool that can solve this for you... Sorry, it doesn’t exist. That’s what our marketer brains are for!

However, there are many inbound marketing tools that can inspire and guide your social media content. That little push that we all need from time to time, you can have it in BuzzSumo, which will be a nice inbound marketing software to have.

It’s a dynamic website that helps you track mentions and competitors’ activity, as well as your relevant keywords. Apart from that, this tool is also used within marketing teams to see the most shared content using a specific keyword or most influential people in a certain field you are searching for. 

It’s actually a tool that can bring you a very interesting insight into the content that you can do to boost your online inbound presence!

Blog - 5 very useful tools for your Inbound Marketing - example of BuzzSumo for inbound marketing

4. AgoraPulse

Talking about inbound content, social media is a must! As well as it is to have a - at least - weekly plan to know when and where is each post going to be live, and on which channel. 

An organized agenda can save you some headaches, and a tool where you can schedule your posts can certainly save you some time!

You can link your social media channels to AgoraPulse and start planning your content strategy, schedule your next posts and see the ones that are already live. You can easily have a glance at what your month is going to look like regarding SoMe marketing.

Another useful feature that this tool offers is the possibility to have reports. To create them, you select the metrics that you want to measure, and you’ll be shown an analysis of your social media performance over time. 

You can use these learnings to improve your marketing inbound strategy and create your future content according to your past best results by just using this inbound marketing software. Is it worth a try?

5. Zapier

And last but not least, who doesn’t want to have all their tools integrated into a single one? In the end, it’s all about saving time!

We know that a marketer’s daily routine usually consists of moving from one channel to another while trying to get the best insights from each of them. Because we are still “only” humans, we bring you some mental space.

You can rely on Zapier, which connects your different resources and even make some of your marketing tasks automatically. In simpler words, you can pass data from one software or app to another with workflows called Zaps, which will do it automatically while you can be focused on your marketing inbound content!

Zapier has more than 1,500 integrations with the main software solutions, such as Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, Gmail, and of course also Plecto, which helps visualize essential KPIs’ into one dashboard. This means that you can gather together a part of your data - if not all.

One more thing, it’s designed so that you can create your Zaps easily, without the need of a developer. What are you waiting for?


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