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News Feb. 20, 2020

February’s Plecto App-dates are here!

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We have heard your demands and, after some hard-working sessions from our developers, we can finally say we have your back!

You can now find two more - and very useful - features in your Plecto app that will make it even easier for your team to build awesome dashboards! 

Wait no more to introduce these two new additions to Plecto’s feature family...

“Copy” widget

One of the most asked features so far - and we couldn’t be happier to have it! It’s about to save you some precious time that you can now spend on growing your business. 

Up until now, it was necessary to remember the formulas in one specific widget if the intention was to create a similar one. 


In Company B, the Head of Customer Success wants to show the Churn Rate for different time periods, to have a better insight into her team’s new strategy in this regard. Instead of starting to build the widget from scratch for every period she wants to measure, she only has to create one. And then simply copy, copy and copy!

This new feature can be used for every widget or KPI you want to display in your Plecto dashboards. Although according to our users’ experience, this “copy” option is especially useful for Number Box, Speedometer and Table widgets, because they are usually used more than once in one same dashboard. 

You only have one thing to do after using this new widget: thinking about what are you going to do with the time - and probably energy - you saved!

copy widget 1.png copy widget 2.png copy widget 3.png

“CountUnique” widget

Probably a bit more technical than the “copy” one, but surely equally useful. 

This new feature allows you to take your real-time data one level deeper, by grouping together certain types of data. It also brings you more flexibility, because you decide each time what to count as “unique”, depending on the KPI you are measuring.

The next examples will hopefully give you a better understanding of this feature:


Company A is now expanding to different countries. For this, the Head of Sales wants to measure the specific number of countries his salespeople are selling to every day. He would usually monitor each country and its sales. 

But not anymore! He can now easily see this number as what it is, a number! Simple as that. This will  group together every sale made in the same region so that each salesperson can easily see how many countries have bought the product already. Who will have a higher number by the end of the day?

There are many other situations where this widget can be of great help: campaigns in a call center, webshops, products, and any other context where there is more than one option to measure. 

In any case, it’s great news that you no longer need to create a table to be able to see this data, because it can now be displayed in a simple Number Box for a quick glance at the dashboard. 

Hopefully, these new app-dates will make it even easier and more enjoyable for you to build a dashboard and create data-driven conversations among your employees. Which one are you going to use first?


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