Feb. 23, 2016 · News

Custom Dashboard Themes and Leaderboard Widget

Kristian Øllegaard
CEO at Plecto

Plecto's new update is live! It involves both Light and Dark themes for your office dashboard, so it’s easy to read without bothering your eyes.

To get the new color themes, edit the dashboard you want to change in the dropdown, choose the theme – and voilà, you’re all set! Custom dashboard themes are only for organisations with large package. If you are on the medium package, you can upgrade inside Plecto or contact us directly. 

Stay ahead on the leaderboard

Boost your company’s performance with a little friendly contest! We recently added a leaderboard widget on our business visualization dashboard so that you can always be updated on who is the top performer. You can set up the leaderboard widget to run for the day, week, month or exactly how you want it – game on! We also changed a lot of other things that makes Plecto run even faster and more smootly, but that’s all very technical, so I won’t be going into details about that. 

Screenshot of the selection in Plecto admin
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